This painting began as a study of the object on the right, an abandoned piece of industrial agricultural equipment, some two feet high and weighing a ton. I found it in my garden. It bears the legend, BM Lynx 8 – 10, Regd. Design No 851016, Patent No. 625213. The patent tells us it was ‘an extruder of foodstuffs or sand for foundry cores’. An observer said it looked male and rather like ‘The Iron Man’. Another observer said an Iron Man needs an Iron Woman. That gave birth to the left hand panel. The granite rocks were remembered from a holiday at Dibbiedale on the Glencalvie estate in Scotland. The title came of its own accord, what with there being an abundance of rocks and the two figures balanced precariously in the sea breeze. There is also, of course, the famous and much celebrated Leonardo da Vinci panel with a similar name. That’s a favourite painting and much visited in homage. The selection jury for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014 did not share in this cheery homage. They unanimously disapproved of my Verging concept, and gave it the heave-ho in no uncertain terms. Bitter disappointment for the artist, but bravely borne. The bastards.

‘An artist is somebody who produces things that people don't need to have.’ Andy Warhol


        40” x 65” (101 x 164 cm)

Triptych - acrylic on 3 gessoed panels