21.5" x 29" (55 x 74cm)

Acrylic on gessoed panel


The winter of 2009/2010 was severe. Roads were blocked and treacherous. Trains were halted. There was ice everywhere. It was too cold, the snow was too deep and it stayed too long. People were cut off from each other. Grandparents couldn’t see grandchildren. Grandchildren couldn’t visit grandparents. There was little merriment. No snowball fights, no snowmen to build, no sledging. The landscape went from picturesque to threatening, from Christmas card to iron hard in the sub-zero temperatures. The one mercy was winds were light. There was little drifting of the snow. It lay deep and even. Across the fields occasional snow devils whirled, lifted to the dance by fitful gusts. Dusk came early. The cattle were long gone to their sheds. The byre huddled beneath its white blanket. In drifting winds it may have disappeared altogether. Forget the byre. Paint the cold.

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