15" x 20" (38 x 50cm)

Oil on gessoed panel


A two-year old toddler was out walking with her Mother, Father, and baby brother. She was happily clutching the string of a bright red balloon. All was tranquil. Then, suddenly, it wasn’t. There occurred one of those inexplicable, multi-manic, Charlie Brown moments, when the world turns upside down, eyeballs spin, stars swirl around dazed heads, and the powers of pandemonium are exalted. It only lasted a few moments and the cause is long forgotten. It was nothing unusual, you understand, just the sort of thing that happens to two-year olds and baby brothers about every 20 minutes. But in the confusion, small hands let slip the string. Inconsolable! Fast-forward two months. Two-year old is in grandfather’s studio. Through the window, over the horizon appears a hot air balloon, shiny and red. ‘My balloon!’ cries the two-year old. Well, you simply have to record that, don’t you!