Maida Hill Tunnel is on the Regent’s Canal, not 500 yards from the Grace Gates at Lords Cricket Ground, London NW8. Yet the view could be in the heart of Manchester or some such in the ‘industrial north’. This was roughly the scene in the late 1960s when I lived nearby. The power station has gone now of course. So have the ‘Guinness Trust’ flats. As for Maida, where did that name come from? A battleground in southern Italy I believe when the Brits fought the French in some forgotten war in the early 1800s. Today all that is remembered of the skirmish are the names of Maida Vale and one lonely and largely overlooked  tunnel.

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‘A picture is a poem without words.’ Horace

(‘What did Horace say?’ JK)


        27” x 23” (68 x 59 cm)

Acrylic on gessoed panel