26” x 20” (663 x 511mm)

       Oil on gessoed panel

        Private Collection


Eventide at Newport Beach, a coastal city in southern California. Newport has its Ferris wheel, its piers, its ‘fun’ zone, its boat-filled harbour, its big, big waves, and its quieter moments, moments when a gull might spread its wings and contemplate doing its bit to make sure gull numbers don’t decline. And a passer-by might pause, look out to sea, and reflect that the California current moves ceaselessly south along the west coast of North America in its clockwise circulation of the northern hemisphere - give or take an eddy or two - and that the Pacific is the world’s deepest ocean, down, down over six-and-a-half miles in places, places you certainly don’t want to go, and that this one body of water is larger than the total land area of planet Earth. Yes, that’s North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the lot, bigger than all of them stuck together, end to end. And, given that a pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter, well, don’t even think about getting out the scales. Yep, that’s the Pacific, big, heavy and wet.

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